University of the Third Age – Aldinga

We recognise three ages of life –

    • The first age is from birth to adulthood
    • The second age encompasses the time we spend establishing ourselves, working, marriage, families and the like
    • And the Third Age is retirement, the time we have put aside to play and enjoy life, that time is now!

Our Certificate of Incorporation

We became incorporated in 2000, you can see our Certificate here.

Our Constitution

You can read the rules of U3A Aldinga here.

Our Aims and guiding Principles

We are a non-profit organisation of “third age” people (generally over 50 years, retired or not working full time).

We operate as a learning co-operative, enabling members to share many educational, creative and leisure activities. Members, through sharing their knowledge, skills, and experience learn from each other.

We offer a combination of opportunities to study, create, socialise and contribute to members’ overall health and well-being.

Members form interest groups covering as wide a range of topics as they desire, by the members, for the members. There is no distinction between the learners, presenters or group leaders; they are all U3A members.

No qualifications are sought or offered. Learning is for its own sake, with enjoyment being the prime motive, not qualifications or awards.

Our History

John North (1930-2023) was a long time member of U3A Aldinga.  John wrote a history of our group from its inception in 1996 up to 2015 which you can read here.