Membership Application and Procedure

Annual membership is $40.00 payable at the Annual General Meeting/End of Year Function or at Enrolment for Term 1 which is generally around the middle of January.

New members are asked to pay the annual membership fee in advance on joining and in the event of them joining during the year, then a pro-rata fee is payable which equates to $10.00 per term.  Membership fees are payable to the Treasurer.

Your membership entitles you to participate in as many or as few courses as you choose.  Members are required to enrol in courses so that appropriate arrangements can be made to accommodate them.

Where courses are held in private homes, the number of participants may be limited. It is important for new participants to enrol early but it must be stressed that those who are previous participants in such home-based courses have priority at the time of enrolment.

After enrolling in a course, it is your privilege to turn up and enjoy the class.  The course leader’s details are set out in the program for each term and should you have any queries about the course, please direct those enquiries to the course leader.