President’s Report December 2020

Hello to all U3A Aldinga members.  What a year we have had!!  Term 1 went well; Terms 2, 3, and 4 – my goodness, what a calamity!!  Nothing quite like a lockdown and social distancing to send our groups into containment mode.
Certainly, Term 2 was depressing and by Term 3 some were getting together in much reduced size.  Term 4 was similar – probably with a little more socializing.  Not forgetting our actual 3 day lockdown – a big sigh would have gone around the State when it was reduced from 6 days!
Looking forward now and, at this time, Term 1 is looking good.  Several courses that were scheduled for Term 2 2020 are not available, and we will proceed with caution here on in.
I know that you will be getting another well-balanced Committee that is committed to keeping this ball rolling to the benefit of all of us.
Enrolment sessions for Term 1 will be held in January.  Details of times and venue are on the blue Enrolment Form in the Program.
Just a reminder – those of you who paid full fees for 2020 do not have to pay for 2021.
We wish all our Members a Merry Xmas and prosperous New Year.

Brian Arthurs

President U3A Aldinga