Lectures for Term 2, 2024

Lecture 1            Wednesday 1 May

Topic: Landscape, Climate and Human History of Australia’s Dead Heart

Speaker: Dr Ian Moffatt (Flinders University)

Associate Professor Ian Moffatt uses advanced techniques to investigate archaeological sites.  His talk will focus on discoveries in the desert areas of Central Australia.  The talk will include comment on climate changes and human interaction.

Lecture 2      Wednesday 15 May

Topic: An Unintended Stay in Antarctica

Speaker: Sue Mauger

Sue will share her experiences while on an unintended extended visit to Antarctica at a time of COVID 19.

Lecture 3      Wednesday  29 May

Topic: Angel Flight

Speaker:  Owen Crees (Pilot)

Angel Flight is a free service that flies patients and their families to and from medical facilities.  Pilot Owen Crees has made over 300 flights as part of the service.  He will speak about Angel Flight and his experiences.

Lecture 4       Wednesday 12 June

Topic: The Man Behind the Map (Matthew Flinders)

Speaker: Dr Gillian Dooley

Dr Dooley will discuss lesser known aspects of Matthew Flinders’ life and career.  She will refer to her book “The Man Behind the Map”

Lecture 5       Wednesday 26 June

Topic: Exploration of the Poles

Speaker: John Barnett

John will present stories of heroism, adversity, courage and failure in the exploration of the polar regions.