Courses for Term 2, 2023

A History of Eastern Europe

Fortnightly on Wednesdays
VenueCommunity Room at the Aldinga Library, Central Way, Aldinga Beach
Time10:15am to 11:30 am
Eastern Europe is largely a mystery to most of us. Here is a 24 lecture series of erudite learning that opens a window into this fascinating complex of nations that comprise more ethnicities than the countries that house them. Western Europe is pretty well known to us but those nations that lie between the Baltic Sea in the north and the Black and Adriatic Seas in the south; and bounded by the Russias in the east and Germany in the west are home to 180 million peoples in 20+ nations. This series will give us a glimpse into their past and their tortured recent present enduring the constant overarching presence of their giant Slavic neighbour Russia. In particular we shall examine the complex issues that led to the present conflict in Ukraine.

The lecturer is Professor Vejas Gabriel Liulievicius, from University of Tennessee.


Discussion Group

Fortnightly on Fridays
VenueSt Ann’s Room, beside the Church,
Main South Road, Aldinga
Time10:00 am to 12:00 noon

People getting together to discuss a variety of topics relevant to yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Willunga Philosophy

Fortnightly on Fridays
Time10.30am – 12.30 pm
Topics for this term will be discussed at the first meeting.

Please note: Places are limited so please check for availability.

Garden Group

Monthly on Fridays
VenueVarious venues
TimeMeet at 10:00am

The Garden Group usually visits two sites, either private or public gardens, or garden centres, each time we meet. These can be local, in nearby towns, or in Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills or Victor Harbor. We usually have lunch together afterwards.

Lecture Series

Fortnightly on Wednesdays
VenueSt Ann’s Church Hall, Stonehouse Lane, Aldinga
Time1:30pm – 3:00pm
Lecture 1
3 May
Speaker: Dr. David Kilner
Topic: Enigmatic My Dear Watson. The Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
David’s address will be a light-hearted, well-illustrated and interactive talk. An Adelaide author of several crime fiction books, David is a popular speaker who has spoken with many community groups.  He will have books on sale. Credit Card facilities will be available. 

Lecture 2
17 May
Speaker: Pat Uppill  
Topic: Macquarie Island and the sub-Antarctic Islands of New Zealand.
Pat will share information and experiences gained from her trip south of New Zealand to Macquarie Island in December 2022. The talk will give emphasis to the botany and biology of the islands, particularly the birds.

Lecture 3
31 May
Speaker: Alexandra Lea (Onkaparinga Council)
Topic: The New Recycling Facility at Seaford Heights.
Alex will share information about the new multimillion dollar recycling facility at Seaford Heights, including how materials from the yellow bins and other sources are sorted and forwarded to be used purposefully in the community. She will also discuss strategies people can use to live more sustainably. 

Lecture 4
14 June
Speaker: Jan Brown
Topic: The Lymphatic System – What is it?
Jan is a semi-retired Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist with over 15 years experience. The Lymphatic System has a central role in many aspects of health. Good lymphatic functioning is vital to the recovery from many disease and injury processes. Jan will describe Lymphoedema and the importance of education, early intervention and self-management relating to this debilitating condition.

Lecture 5
28 June
Speaker: Dr. Rick Stapledon. (A member of U3A Aldinga)
Topic: TB – an ancient disease still with us.
Rick’s talk will be about his involvement in the “World of TB”. This included working with the World Health Organisation in the Pacific region and why we shouldn’t forget about Tuberculosis in Australia. Rick and Jill with their young sons spent 2 years as volunteers in Vanuatu several years ago. This experience caused a big change in Rick’s medical career from a GP to a more public health approach. Rick took a leadership role in our state TB service and subsequently became involved beyond our shores.